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My Approach to Therapy

Everyone comes to counseling with something different in mind. Maybe you are experiencing symptoms and just want some relief. Maybe you are looking for a complete transformation, including growth and healing. Together, we decide the path you would like to take and walk together towards it. It can be as deep as you like, at the pace that you like. I am honored to be a witness to your pain and your shame. I am delighted to be a witness to your transformation.

Some modalities used in treatment:


Sandtray Therapy

Emotional Transformation Therapy




Trauma is often at the root of many of the difficulties we are experiencing. Many are often surprised that more subtle overwhelming life experiences are also often trauma and can create symptoms such as depression and anxiety.






Feeling out of control around food or hating your body? Other than trauma, I specialize in Body Image and Eating Disorders, including Binge Eating Disorder. Chronic dieting and emotional eating are included in this category, as they create a great deal of stress and difficulty, and they can be the precursor to eating disorders.




I have often said that only healthy people have therapists. And the truth is, the client does the work….hard work at times! The therapist may have some tools and thoughts to throw in the mix, but the client holds the answer within themselves. Going to counseling takes a great deal of strength and courage. Looking into therapy and reading this post shows you have strength you may not even realize you have. I would love sit front row to your transformation and show you your strength and power and awesomeness!